Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- You are the beholder.

I was compelled to write about this issue, as I feel that it is an important one for us females. During my travels I felt several eyes burning on my skin, their criticism caught me. People become self-conscious because of the popular society we live in today. From the way you style your hair to the flick of your eyeliner, to the type of trainers that match your attire. Why is this so important?


I left my house feeling comfortable,

I felt comfortable in my skin and comfortable in my clothes.

Little to my surprise scrutiny was just around the corner.

Is it because my eyebrows aren’t perfect?

Do I have to wear lipstick and add extra lash volume to the already existing hair dancing on my eye lids?

My skin isn’t perfect, I still get lumps and bumps and my tone ain’t too even.

I mean my hair can be a little crazy but that’s my identity, that’s my strength.

Why would you laugh and ridicule me because I’m not like you,

my exterior is not a reflection of yours. 

I don’t like to wear skirts and dresses and high heels

cause honestly, sometime I think I’m going to fall.

I’d rather dodge that shame, or maybe it just not my necessity.

I can’t apologise for who I am

and you shouldn’t have to apologise for who you are.

We’re females sister, shouldn’t we stick together?



Why do you feel the need to criticize me?

Make me feel like I’m less than you and snigger at me in your pack like wolves because I’m not like you?

Beyonce was the one that said Girls run the world, but we don’t need Beyonce to tell us that..

Surely you knew that already?

In order to run though ladies, We have to work together.

Why do you continue to look down at me from your tower?

Are you a damsel in distress?

Beauty isn’t typical, it’s rare.

It’s inside of all us, It ain’t in the clothes you wear honey.


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