Sometimes we can lose ourselves

in this midnight kingdom we dwell.

Out of the flesh and into the daylight dew

unexpected stops and turns can knock you right off.

We can get up and start again

but each time, we either lose a little or gain a little.

When do we ever stop learning?

They say once a man and twice a child

but I think for some of us the child still remains.

Until your invisible death,

then your tree that was rooted long ago,

withering away with lifeless leaves

springs up again because it’s spring time

and the waters fresh and flowing through you.

We see a lot of faces and we show a lot of faces,

we expect a lot of grace but it’s like a game of tug and war.

When you don’t know the ‘I AM’

and everyday it’s a different ‘I AM’

because we just never know because you don’t know who ‘I IS’.

We’re all trying to find meaning in a world full of questions and doubt

But are we to stop asking those questions?

Are we to keep our heads down and get on with this day-2-day?

Or do we stop and ask ourselves for a moment,

What is this?




2 thoughts on “Day-2-Day

  1. Whenever you come across a word, or sentence you’ve written that relates only to a general concept maybe try and make it more particularized. Instead of child, offer an insight on childhood, instead of death offer an insight, an image on death. It’s a good way to break down your work and see where you can be more evocative. I did enjoy it though and thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you John. Your feedback is very much appreciated 🙂 I’ll take your advice and also buy myself a dictionary! It has been a while and I am still quite rusty at it but over time. Do you write poetry also?


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