Today- The day of the WOMAN.

Today It’s not about myself and my poetry, but about the beautiful, strong and independent  mothers, sisters, grandmothers and females that have walked into my life. The inspiration they bring is beyond beautiful and they continually inspire me which I am so very grateful for. We as feminine entities are not celebrated enough by the world and why? Personally, I think that we are very powerful and that is not being recognized as much as it should be.

We give life, we are Creators. So why at times are we so put down by society? Why is it that we let ourselves down as females and why is it that some of us are constantly in competition with each other? We need to take time to recognize our beauty and give that to the world, not selfishly, not greedily, not for a reward but because that is who we are. 

Recognize your Beauty Sister, recognize your Worth, recognize how much of a BEAUTIFUL specimen you are and EMBRACE that.

Our men should make you feel like a Queen, like his counterpart. We are not any more or any less than each other. Tell her you love her, allow her to see that. Help your mum with the shopping if you see her with a million bags in her hand, better yet the lady walking next to you.. take that load off of her. When you see natural beauty and no makeup, tell her she’s beautiful. When they’re down, hold their hand and walk with them.

This should be done for anyone. Whether male or female, but like I said. Today is the day of the Woman.






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