What I Learned From Not Having Sex for A Year


Feed the Weird

From the title, you probably are thinking one of three things: what the hell is wrong with you, continue to be pure, or why is she spilling so much information in the first place. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you already know that I am very transparent about my feelings, desires, and insecurities whether the public wants to hear them or not. This subject is no different though I have been internally debating the relevance of such conservation. But the confession has been hard to ignore as I stare in disbelief at my Period Tracker. One year. No intimacies.

At first it was a shock. How did a year pass me by without so much as a craving. Then realization of the fact that my schedule had been an array of early mornings, long nights, and busy weekends filled with work on top of a dwindling…

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